Message from Camarones President

This was originally posted on 3-23-12, but I thought it should have its own page as well:

Jorge Luis Vaca, President of Camarones, Ecuador (goes by Paco as his nickname), sent the following message, intended as a thank you and invitation for all of you that have taken an interest in this fundraising effort, and the larger movement of construction of the community center and sustainable development in his town (see how you can help too!).

Here is the message he sent:

Una vez mas gracias a todos los donates y por esa gran generosidad, ahora esto ya es una realidad por fin vamos tener nuestro centro comunitario y estan invitados a que vengan a mi comunidad a que conoscan y tambien seran muy bien recibidos.

And here is my English translation:

One more time, thanks to all of the donors and for the great generosity, now this is a reality, that finally we are going to have our community center, and you are all invited to come to my community and to know the community, and you will be well received.

It has been wonderful to update him and the rest of the community on the progress of the fundraising (especially the description of the Zumbathon), and to hear the excitement on their end, and I think it is wonderful that he sent this message to share with all of you.  Thanks again for your continued support!!