Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fundraising for internet for cultural exchanges

While continuing the process of moving forward on construction of the community center in Camarones, I have been volunteering to teach English in the local school.  I have also been working on coordinating "weekly" conversations between youth at the Meadowood Neighborhood Center in Madison, WI and youth in Camarones, Ecuador.  As I have posted about before (and, hence, my lack of posts on here), it is not easy to have access to internet.  We have to travel an hour by truck or bus, then pay a dollar an hour to use the internet (assuming it is up and running in Pedernales, as it is frequently down and not working), then travel an hour back to Camarones.

The youth here and the youth in Madison are extremely excited to continue the conversations we have started through video chat twice now, but we are hoping to make it easier for the youth to be able to participate.  $1000 is all that is needed to install satellite internet in the community, so we need your help!  Please follow this link to donate, or pass along to anyone you think may be interested.

And, per usual, if you are interested in hosting a fundraising event to help with the community center construction, are interested in more information, or want to learn more about Camarones, please send me an email.  Please be patient, as my internet access is currently infrequent.

Thanks for your interest, and help in these efforts!

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