Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer newsletter posted, lots of activities going on!

Greetings to all!  I apologize for the lack of updates, but without internet in Camarones and with the multitude of activities going on, time for updates has been extremely limited, though we are sending out a summer newsletter today to individuals who have supported us and for whom we have their email addresses.  Please feel free to email me if you do not receive the newsletter email and/or want to be added to our list.

In addition to raising funds for the community center construction and potable water project, we are still trying to raise funds to get the internet up and running in Camarones.  Please consider helping us reach our goal to make this a possibility.  We have been taking groups of kids to the closest internet cafe (an hour away) to chat with afterschool program participants at the Meadowood Neighborhood Center in Madison, Wisconsin.  When we first started the video conference exchanges, we had 4 kids in Camarones that participated, but the group has grown into a group of about 20 dedicated kids who are practicing their English and asking good questions of their peers in Wisconsin.

 Paco and some of the kids on the back of our transportation to Pedernales
 After using the internet we often head down to the beach with the kids and play soccer, toss around a football that was donated by Meadowood kids, or take funny pictures like this one

One of the days we went to use the internet was "Kid's day" which is just like Father's or Mother's day here, but for kids, so we treated and bought ice cream cones in Pedernales

Look forward to more updates soon, and thanks for the continued support!!  With your help, we recently raised an additional $200!!  As always, if you are interested in helping to organize a fundraising event, want more information, or have a question, please email me!

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