Thursday, March 1, 2012

End of Day 12: $2015.00 + ?

Why the question mark?  Well, as I type this there is a bowling fundraiser going on out in Hillsboro, Oregon and I am not sure how many people actually made it there.  My friend who was helping to coordinate the event has been fairly sick this week, but she's a trooper and is still going to support the fundraising drive.  Thanks to her for helping to organize, and thanks to those of you that took the time to go bowl for charity!!

I have posted the Zumbathon registration form online.  Go here for a poster about the event and a link to the registration form, or go here to get the form directly.  Also, be sure to check out the Facebook Event Page.  I have been working on getting fun raffle prizes for the Zumbathon, in addition to the Zumba gear some of the instructors are donating, and think it is shaping up to be an exciting party!

So, who are some of the people that have been helping out with this fundraising drive?  It is really hard to categorize as it is such a wonderfully diverse group of individuals from all over and from all walks of life. Of course, my close friends and family make up a large portion of the support thus far, but many individuals that have helped are strangers, who believe in, and support, the ideas of community-driven sustainable development .  Thank you for your support, and your enthusiasm, and your positive thoughts!

I am still curious.  What topics do you want to hear more about?  For any of you that have not yet donated, is there something you want to learn more about (before you choose to donate or attend a fundraising event?).   For those of you that have donated, what would you like to know?  Feel free to comment on here, or send me an email.

Here is a list of a few topics I'm thinking of writing about over the next 18 days:  sister neighborhood center connection, recipe sharing, river clean-up, oven construction, women's activities, teaching escapades, coffee processing, message from the President (I'm hoping the President will be able to write something that I can post and then translate soon), making chocolate, more on sustainable development, plants/animals in the area, more about Meadowood Neighorhood Center in Madison, more about living in Camarones.  Others??

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