Sunday, March 18, 2012

End of Day 29: $4381.00

Help make Day 30 a great day!  Tomorrow (Monday) is the Dining to Donate Fundraiser, and Day #30 for this fundraising effort.  Come on out tomorrow, Monday, March 19th anytime between 11 a.m. to midnight to the Applebee's on 660 S. Whitney Way, Madison, WI.  15% of all food sales will go to the fundraiser (you can even order carryout to go)!  Applebee's put together the flyers, which can be printed from here and need to be brought with you when you go to eat out.

Or, consider making a donation online or seeing how else you can help.  Or, if you have already donated, consider doubling your donation today!

Thanks again for helping with this fundraising effort.  As usual, feel free to email me or post below for questions, comments, or to help host a future fundraising event.

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