Monday, March 19, 2012

End of Day 30: $4,650 (not including Applebee's amount or a few other things I know are coming)

This last month has truly flown by!  I feel so honored and extremely grateful to know so many caring and wonderful individuals!  With all of your help, in 30 days, we were able to raise a respectable sum of money, but so much more than that has happened in the last month.  I cannot adequately put to words the feelings of sincere gratitude I have for people to be so giving and generous of their time, their energies, and their ideas (as well as money).  I have learned a lot about fundraising and networking and other important skills that I am hopeful I'll be able to continue to put these tips to good use in the years that come for assisting in sustainable development projects in Camarones and elsewhere, as this truly is a lifetime commitment on my part.

While the dollar amount doesn't match the original $30,000 that I stated I had set out to raise, I am extremely happy!!  I plan to continue fundraising and seeking donors before heading down to Ecuador to help with on-the-ground strategic planning and budgeting for where we are at.  I also plan to organize a baile and maybe a small raffle when I am back in Ecuador to raise a small amount more, but also continue to foster ownership and enthusiasm.  With some creativity, and careful planning, we can start with the money already raised and build a center that has the possibility to be expanded as more money is raised in the future.  And, hopefully we will be able to use strategies and ideas from these last 30 days to help with other projects, including completion of the potable drinking water system in this community.  Time, energy, and ideas abound for future projects.

So, what is next?  I will continue to post on here as I have updates to the dollar amount raised, or to announce upcoming fundraising events (look for a couple more on the east and west coasts, thanks to friends that are helping me coordinate!!), or updates on other ways you can help.  I will also continue to post information on the importance of neighborhood centers, or the sister neighborhood center connections, or fun projects down in Ecuador, or random photos as the mood strikes (or someone requests/suggest).  And, as it gets closer to me heading back to Ecuador, I will post updates, and will then try to continue posting after I am back in Ecuador and working on the next phases of the community center construction.

As always, feel free to email me or post below for questions, comments, or to help host a future fundraising event.  And, please consider making a donation online or seeing how else you can help.  Or, if you have already donated, consider passing on the word to those you think may share an interest.

Thanks again for making the month leading to my 30th birthday something truly beautiful and wonderful!  This fundraising drive started as a crazy idea that popped into my head just 34 days ago and I had no idea where it would go.  I honestly would not have been able to predict all of the wonderful things that have transpired in the past month, but I am so thankful to have experienced them all.

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