Tuesday, February 21, 2012

End of Day 3: $1635.00

Thanks again to the generous donors helping raise another $200.00 today!  Thanks also for continuing to get the word out and pass this along to anyone and everyone you think could be interested.  Please check out how you can help.

Some more exciting news today!  I am currently working on organizing a Zumbathon here in Madison!  Stay tuned for details, but it's looking like it will be Saturday, March 17th.  So, dust off those hips and get ready to move for charity!

Ah, dancing.  The bailes (dances) that start around 9 or 10 p.m. and last until 7 in the morning are not unique to Ecuador, but I experienced a number during my stay.  This was how I earned my reputation, but not what you might think.  My reputation came from my sweating, not my dancing.  I sweat (or is it "perspire"?) a fair amount.  Even though I lived and worked in Hawaii for almost a year doing fieldwork for my PhD, and I was born and raised in the humid and muggy midwestern summers, I do not acclimate.  Oh, I tried to fight it, or disguise it, but it was fruitless.  In the end, I realized that eventually people would stop saying to me in Spanish "oh, you sweat a lot", because they already knew.  And, when I thought that the sweating could be used to take a break from dancing for a bit, the gentlemen caught on and told me that it didn't matter, "let's dance!"  When's the last time you've danced till dawn and wanted to do it again the next day?

Dancing with Don Ernesto with my chicken arms in the purple shirt, but loving every minute of it

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