Friday, February 24, 2012

End of Day 6: $1865.00

Thanks again for another generous $30 in donations today!  Are you interested in donating too?  Check out how!  Also, check out information on upcoming fundraising events to see other ways you can help.

There is a lot of bamboo, or caña growing in and around Camarones.  One of my friends there makes beautiful lamps, hammocks, beds, and other crafts out of the bamboo.  He has even made one lamp that stood 8 feet tall and was one of four he was asked to build that size.  He is very talented and extremely detail-oriented- see for yourself!
 He makes several different sizes of lamps, and also different fabrics for the lampshades

 Bed frame made out of bamboo

 Workshop and giant lamp

Bamboo hammock

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