Saturday, February 18, 2012

End of day total for day 0.75

Thanks to a generous donation today, the total for day 0.75 is $1110.00.  This is a great way to actually kick-off the fundraising tomorrow, as official day 1!  Another $10 is awesome!  Donations of any amount are welcome.  Put another way, if 2,889 individuals are able to contribute just $10, the goal will be met (can you tell I like numbers and was on math team when I was younger?).

If you aren't able to financially contribute, think about passing on the blog to those who might be able to.

Thank you again for all of your contributions and messages!  Thanks also for passing along the link to people you think may be interested.

With tomorrow being the official kick-off to the 30 days, look for more pictures of the community, and other information about living in Ecuador.  Please also feel free to ask questions about Camarones, nearby communities, or other things of interest.  Or, if you've traveled to Ecuador and want to share your story, please do.  Have a great recipe from those travels?  Even better.  I love cooking!

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