Monday, February 27, 2012

End of Day 9: $1985.00

Thank you, thank you for your continued generous donations.  We are so close to being over $2000.00 in donations.  Please help however you can!  Think $5 is too little?  Think again!  Every little bit helps get closer to the goal!  Check out how you can donate too!  Or, check out these upcoming fundraising events if you would like to help out by going to one (or more) of them.  As always, please feel free to email me if you would like to help organize a fundraising event, have an idea, or just a question for me.

Exciting news today!  This fundraiser was featured in the Wisconsin State Journal.  Check out the article, if you haven't already!  And, check out the "Press" tab for more stories or blurbs on this fundraiser.

The response to the article has been wonderful.  Not only did several people step up and donate today ($120.00 donated- yay!), but several individuals reached out and offered help with fundraising, or collecting school supplies, or toys for sending down to Ecuador.  Thank you all for your interest and enthusiasm!  Please continue to pass along information about this fundraiser (and thank you to all of you that did that today, and have been doing that), and please help me reach this fundraising goal.  I know that it is really hard right now, but even $5 can (and will) help out!

Look for Facebook event pages for some of the upcoming fundraisers, as well as posters, registration forms (for the Zumbathon), and more in the next couple of days.

Please also feel free to ask questions or post comments here on the blog.

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