Saturday, February 25, 2012

End of Day 7: $1865.00

Awesome work for the first week!  However, now is the time to donate if you haven't!  Even if you only have $5 to give, don't be shy, please consider donating!  Or, if you are more interested in eating out, dancing, or bowling to help out, then check out these events!  Or, want to help plan a fundraising event or presentation in your area?  I will gladly help- just email me!

Remember, 100% of the money being donated is going toward sustainable development in rural Ecuador, with the primary focus being construction of a community center that will also act as a sister neighborhood center to Madison, Wisconsin's Meadowood Neighborhood Center.  The center is being designed by the local community, on land that was already donated by one of the families living there, and will be both a meeting place, location for educational and health services, and a facility to assist in income generation, and cultural exchanges for local community members.  Any additional funds raised will be used to help complete a potable water project left incomplete since 2009 when the local government failed to provide the matching funds to the Rotary International project.

View  of the primary school from the hill next to the donated land for the community center

 Community members participating in a river clean-up

 A lot of garbage was collected in the same river that is used for drinking

 The kids in the community participating in a community clean-up

 Clinton showing off a bunch of garbage he found

 Some of the kids participating in the community clean-up, posing with me

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